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Interior Office Construction

New life is breathed into a design through the process of Interior Office Construction. Zuri deals with all the varying elements of Interior Office Construction, starting with the practice of physical construction.
During this phase of the process, the team at Zuri handles everything from ceilings, demolition, finishes, floor, glasswork and partitioning to wall finishes and plumbing.

We concurrently facilitate any electrical requirements needed for the project’s completion. This includes solutions for lighting needs, air conditioning and any other electrical necessities.

Zuri employs a specialist team of technicians who have the skills to construct a technical infrastructure with the ability to satisfy our clients ‘Voice and Data’ as well as ‘Audio and Video’ prerequisites.

Physical Construction

During this phase of the process, the Zuri team will handle the demolition of your current site; we remove floors, ceilings as well as walls. Site debris will also be taken care of by Zuri. We implement the repositioning of all the necessary electrical and plumbing points as well as windows.

Zuri experts will remove all superfluous elements and can provide our clients with a fresh, clean slate if need be. The next step is geared towards the installation of everything that is necessary for the fresh new design. We handle the pipes and electrical necessities, glasswork, carpeting, painting, ceilings (including bulkheads), flush plastered and suspended ceilings. Our group will likewise plaster and tile.

We will implement the introduction of timber or vinyl flooring, hang the doors and administer the papering of the walls. Whatever your outline requires, Zuri’s skilled construction team will provide.

Electrical Requirements

Zuri will address all the electrical necessities pertinent to the current task. With constant input from our expert design team, we emphasise both practicality and security. Everything from the perfect air-conditioning unit to light bulbs is sourced by Zuri. Our goal is to secure the finest possible, most appropriate components for each project we undertake to complete.

A cohesive level of teamwork guarantees high-quality electrical solutions are implemented, the result being a space that is effectively and sufficiently powered.

Technical Infrastructure

The domain of innovation is a quick paced, regularly evolving area. Zuri’s skilled technical team are kept well informed of recent developments regarding data and voice applications, not forgetting advancements in the area audio/visual technology.

The technical team at Zuri have the know-how to recommend products that are best suited to your specific needs. We can guide you to the best and latest equipment, from headsets for your telephonic sales department to equipping a multimedia room where senior management can conference with individuals the world over, we will even teach you how to use the new products and equipment.