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Creativity is key to a cool office space

If there was one place that most people would want to work at, most would answer: Google. Why? Because their office spaces have become the epitome of a professional yet fun office. The movie, The Internship, clearly shows us how Google’s offices scream individuality and uniqueness. It’s hard to imagine who wouldn’t want to work there.

Isn’t this sentiment exactly what you would like to achieve with your office space? A workspace so trendy that when other people hear where you work, they secretly wish they also worked there. This just shows you how much influence your office space has on your employees, customers, and views of your brand. It is one thing to claim to be employee-centric, it is a whole other thing to prove it with your office space.

Here are some tips to get you on the way to your cool office space:

Only one first impression

It is old advice, but it still remains true through the ages. The first few moments can make an impact that lasts a lifetime. One of the first things someone will see is the reception area; this is also where the first human contact is made. For these reasons, this area of your office is crucial to get right. It’s imperative to make a positive first impression. This impression should resonate with the person coming into the space and clearly convey the message that you want to express regarding your brand philosophy.

Even though it should be memorable and pleasant, don’t try and make it so extravagant that is becomes impractical or overwhelming. The reception area should still be conducive to organisational efficiency. The reception area has to find the right balance between being visually appealing and being practical for staff and visitors.

Make a statement

It’s important to make sure that when anyone visits your office, they know where they are. Your office needs to make a statement about your brand and it needs to be memorable and striking. The best way to achieve this is by telling a story. Think creatively about the tale that your office space needs to tell about your brand, and then bring it to life through design.

Let brand personality shine through

Each brand should have a unique personality and this personality can play a big role in making your office space unique and trendy. You shouldn’t design a space that doesn’t resonate with what your business stands for – it will create false impressions and confuse customers. There are a lot of different ways to bring innovation and creativity into the office space, while adhering to your business’s traits. Make sure that whatever you do, it works for your business and brand.

Use the space uniquely

The best way to get the most out of your office space it to utilise what you already have. Make sure to use the unique characteristics of the space to add an edge of quirkiness or flair to your office. If the space has a unique history, incorporate it into the design elements. You chose the office space for a reason, so don’t try to hide the things that make the office space unique; rather utilise them to add that edge to your environment.

Foster creativity

If there is anything that we can learn from Google, it’s to never keep employees from expressing their creativity. There are subtle ways to allow employees to be creative with their workspaces without compromising the integrity of the space.

Employees are your brand ambassadors, so let them be walking billboards in your office space by expressing how they fit into your business culture, creative environment, and unique approach to the industry.

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