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Project Management

The Zuri project managers develop precise estimates which are done with the design specifications in mind. We make use of an extensive, all-encompassing supplier network guaranteeing our ability to provide the best quality of products and services.

The Zuri team prioritises a design’s evolution, managing it all the way through to its conclusion, ensuring the process is easy and free from hassle.Our Project Managers guarantee expenses will always be kept under control by utilising a strict spending plan. We aim to ensure excellence and quality throughout all aspects of the project.


Our estimators evaluate the cost of all design elements required or requested by our clients. Estimates are dependent on the drawings developed by the Zuri designers, in line with the brief provided by the client. We keep a tight control on budget consumption and expenditure, always ensuring that clients are aware of additional expenses that may be incurred during the process.

Zuri’s designers, procurement and technical teams are simultaneously consulted if the need for change arises. The potential pros and cons will always be conveyed to Zuri clients, well before a change is implemented or purchase made.


The procurement team at Zuri has a precisely chosen system of suppliers. Everything from furniture and finishings to kitchen supplies and electrical hardware. Our providers comprehend the level of quality that Zuri requires for our customers. Our relationship with these suppliers is completely dependent on the nature of their products and whether their products have the ability to address our issues.

Due to the volume of goods we purchase, we are able to arrange tremendously low rates, which in turn extends to our customers. Our suppliers are chosen on the basis of quality and cost, as well as on ecological concerns and societal contribution.

Budget Control

Zuri takes pride in our ability to stay within the lines of our budget while maintaining our ability to deliver the best available quality. Our procurement team works cohesively in conjunction with our design team, guaranteeing that we meet the requested look and subsequent feel of your project while observing the agreed upon budget. Negotiation, planning and creativity are the skills we combine to provide incredible results, often getting there by spending less money than initially anticipated.

At Zuri, we fully comprehend that it is simple for a task with imagination and fervour to be completed within the boundaries of its financial plan and can be accomplished in a speedier manner than you envisioned. Zuri plays the part of the constant monitor and we continually present our clients with up-to-date feedback.

Quality Control

At Zuri, we dedicate ourselves to maintaining creativity, consistency and professionalism. Our suppliers, in-house teams and external contractors are continually under assessment. We consistently review design trends and innovations to keep our clients amazed.

By staying up to date and keeping well informed of developments in the industry, we can ensure that our suppliers maintain standards, equal to our own. Our primary objective is to guarantee the nature of our items do not fall underneath our measures, quality is our aim.