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Space Planning

At Zuri, we understand the value of effective Space Planning. Strategically working out the needs of a particular space is always an important facet of the interior design process and can affect the revenue and productivity of business. This fact is of particular importance when dealing with a space that is retail in nature.

In a retail orientated space, many aspects of you interior design must be carefully planned well in advance and this is the expected outcome of professional Space Planning. Product and fixture placement will affect a retail stores image, scale and efficiency.

A retailer should look at professional Space Planning as an investment, the benefits of such an investment are, when looking at the big picture, infinite. At Zuri, we can help you to optimize your store by paying attention to each and every feature that your store requires. This attention to detail is a point of pride for us at Zuri and covers everything from product, fixture and display placement to the maximisation of promotional spaces. We look at customer needs and address the direction of foot traffic within the area. What’s more, with the changing landscape of retail and consumerism (the shift to online shopping) it has become even more important to lure members of the public into entering your store and converting them into long-term customers. The visual look of your store is of equal importance to the large scale utilisation of your space so as to offer your customers a high quality, comfortable and logical consumer experience, once the walk through the doors of your business.

Don’t hesitate to make contact with the interior design experts at Zuri; you can easily reach us by calling +27 (0) 11 781 9291. You can also contact us via email at where you will have access to our expertise in any area of the interior design process. Zuri can guarantee your end result will be both functional and beautiful.